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Document Digitization / Document Scanning services

Sai Baba Business Solutions is an organization of motivated and passionate office automation professionals reputed for their commitment to achieving operational excellence since last 3 decades with their pan india presence, delivering world class print solutions, document digitization, document scanning service, document scanning software

micro finance

Digitization - Micro Finance Institutions

SBBS allows for capturing all paper documents of customers for processing loans and other applications. While capturing such documents, loan documents can be easily segregated and duplicity of records can be checked. No reprocessing will be required for further loans and overall loan approval cycle will be reduced resulting in higher customer satisfaction.


Digitization - Manufacturing Industry

Documents comes in multiple formats and can be difficult to manage (e.g. electronic orders, paper files, office documents, electronic documents, CAD and large format documents). Slow and manual paper-based processes for sharing, reviewing and approving documents and drawings dominate workflows. SBBS helps in digitizing and faster processing of such documents and results in quicker retrieval.


Digitization - Legal Industry

SBBS streamlines processes associated with case and contract management, litigation support, compliance issues, accounting tasks and more. SBBS can automatically generate easy-to-use reports that outline document processing count for complete and accurate client bill back.

Scanning Software

Invoice Processing

Critical for most Accounts Payable departments. Capturing details of each invoice received for easy process automation and faster payments. Once invoices are captured, they can be used in processes like Accounts Payable.


Digitization - Human Resources Department

SBBS can help with scanning employee records in bulk at various locations and export them to a central document server. Employee Documents submitted for On Boarding can automatically be segregated which helps in cutting down employee hours spent in manually doing the segregation. This helps with easy search for the status and location of all candidates and employee records in your system.

hotel industry

Digitization - Hotel Industry

SBBS, the enterprise class scanning solution can help you to properly account for NON-PO transactions outside of normal purchase orders. You can easily search for the vendor who provides the best price for a given item. Hotels can also store employee and guest records after scanning them in SBBS. Records will be stored with indexing values which can be used for later searches.


Digitization - Healthcare Industry

SBBS can help with scanning of both In-Patient and Put-Patient records with high accuracy and indexing values that are relevant to such documents. Users will not have to remember the indexing labels that are associated with a particular type of patient records and will also have to fill in the mandatory fields while the document is being scanned. This results in quick searches and correct data available in time which is very critical in the healthcare sector.


Digitization - Education Industry

SBBS solutions provide fast and easy scanning and indexing of all your admissions, financial aid, registration, advising and registrar documents. Student Documents submitted for Admission can be automatically segregated. SBBS can save educational institutes with substantial amount of student document management costs, while improving print quality and availability, and freeing up staff to focus on core activities.


Digitization - Insurance Industry

SBBS can automate bulk multi location capture of insurance docuemnts in areas like New Business, Renewal, Claims Processing, Cross Selling, etc. KYC Documents for New Business can automatically be segregated which helps in cutting down employee hours spent in manually doing the segregation. SBBS helps to eliminate manual hand-offs, automate and streamline information gathering and management, optimizing the cost and effort behind each acquisition.

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